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Policy Paper


The Ecological Movements Network was founded in pre-unified East Germany in 1990 as a platform for all environmental causes. It deals with subjects like climate change, traffic, mining, biofuels and East European cooperation. It also runs an ecological marketplace. The GREEN LEAGUE is a leading NGO in the field of water policy in Germany. It is a member of the German League for Nature and the European Environmental Bureau in Brussels.

The GREEN LEAGUE Water Policy Office

works on the regional, national, European and international level. Its main concern is the European Water Framework Directive and its implementation in Germany. This includes organizing workshops and conferences, publishing newsletters and brochures, providing information for interested people, organisations and media, as well as organising and/or supporting public awareness raising actions and coordinating common water policy papers for the German NGO water community. Other fields of work include transparency, privatization of the water sector and prevention of ecologically destructive effects of water infrastructure projects such as the deepening of inland water channels for increased navigation. The Water Policy Office also supports NGO-cooperation in the transboundary river basins of the Rhine and Elbe Rivers.

Michael Bender represents the GREEN LEAGUE in the International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe River. He is also the coordinator of the water working group of the German Forum on Development and Environment. Tobias Schäfer coordinates the Water Framework Directive Working group in the states of Brandenburg.